Written by Claire Lewis


Today we had a talk with an industry proffessional from GF Smith. She is a Graphics art consultant who specialises in inspiring Graphic Artisits. GF Smith provide paper from all over the world in thousands of combinations, colours, thicknesses and sizes.

The company has worked with multiple well known industries and companies from prjects with Absolut Vodka on specialist Vodka packaging for the high end market to small Stationary suppliers to create packaging for their stationary products and their aim is to work with these companies to inspire them to use more interesting papers to aid their advertising and quality of their packaging and labels to create something truly memorable.

People dont realise how much the type of paper can make a difference to rthe final outcome of a product and it was interesting to see all the different qualities they have produced and them being used in real life projects. The final outcomes of some of the promotional materials, books, look books, invitations and more varied massively and the type of paper played a big part in how the work was portrayed.

The core value is to add value to products and create the paper into art that becomes something that is memorable and something that the customer will never want to throw away.

GF Smith collect many papers from all over the world but they do have their own self made papers aswell and these are called ColourPlan. This paper is made in the Lake District and is produced in 50 different chades and colours and 8 different weights. A few examples of companies who use this paper are; Marks and Spencer, Thorntons on their chocolates packaging, Burbury and many purfume companies to enhance their produce and make it unique.

there are a range of thicknesses and some of the thicker papers provide a very expensive looking finish with excellent quality and these need to be screen printed or embossed onto because they wont work with a standard printer but this will provide a unique quality.

I loved looking at all the papers and my favourite was definitely the gold paper which includes real gold. The texture and overall appearance is very classy and beautifully made.

Here are some examples of work created at GF Smith.
wpid-20141107_143543 (1)  wpid-20141107_142703 (1)wpid-20141107_143954 (1)


From this talk I have picked up the importance of the materials you use when presenting art work and will defintely will be experimenting and being more careful about the choice of paper that I use in my work to enhance it.