Marcroy Smith Review from Cory Durant.

For the first Industry Friday of February we had illustrator Marcroy Smith in talking to us about his career and projects to date. He has some really interesting work that I liked and in seeing his projects has now become quite an inspiration to me especially in the screen printing process!

He introduced the talk by updating us on some of the clients he has recently been getting to work with and a few of his favourite projects he has taken on such as album art work for the band Crystal Castles, Heroin Skateboards and Levi’s Jeans etc.

Marcroy launched his team and company called ‘People Of Print’ at university in 08. People of print are based in East London and have collaborated and worked with some big clients and names in the industry to date.

He has recently got himself stuck into publishing his own magazine with the People Of Print team which is called ‘Print Isn’t Dead’ and is currently in process of working on a kickstart campaign to help raise funds in order to ready and publish the next issue. The magazine is designed to provide inspiration and a creative insight for designers world wide, it features a range of articles, interviews and lots of great examples of print based work. In addition to the magazine Marcroy also has a great website which pays homage to some of his favourite designers, illustrators and print makers.

The magazine was printed by a publisher at a good price and Marcroy has been kind also to share with us some of the content that he will be looking into featuring in the next issue of the Print Isn’t Dead magazine. There is going to be some alternative culture articles and things like OZ magazine, Suicide Girls and prints and patterns from Vans Shoes and Liberty and many more inspirational and amazing content to be seen in the world of print.

Marcroy is a very innovative and clever soul and very down to earth sharing with us the funny and great stories of his success with Print Isn’t Dead and his lifestyle, career and travel journeys he’s taken along the way. Shortly after People of Print was created Marcroy went off on travels to New York for some further inspiration and work experience and by the time he arrived back to England and landed back to promote and push it further by 2011 he had piles of letters, print goods, and requests in the mail box to be featured for the website and to look into. He decided to put it to the table and went along to a few big exhibitions in Bristol, London, and Paris and all over the place showing off some of the great works in print and designers around the world and involved with his team at People Of Print. He then started running live print work shops and further exhibitions which lead to events like Pick Me Up 2012, workshops with students D&D at Kk Outlet, Printing for Levi’s store during the Olympics, V&a museum prints for Mastercard, Design Museum and sharing the process and greatness of print making in the slums of Kibera, Nairobi. Marcroy definately is a man that doesn’t stand still showing us the innovative and creative ways he is making efforts to push and promote his work and the people he’s met and worked with along the way to share the world of wonderful print based creativity.

I am looking forward to seeing the next issue of Print Isn’t Dead and will certainly be sure to grab a copy when it drops!



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