Written by Calum Lee Hee Shiong


This weeks speaker came from Creavtive Review. It turned out to be a very insightful talk giving hints and tips on how to self promote and network in the design industry.

Beginning the talk with a look at Creative Review and what they do and the importance of press coverage. Creative review provide a place for which like-minded individuals can come together and see what is going on. They not only have a printed magazine with carefully chosen content but also a website which can contain a lot more content and allow for instant access to the latest stories. All stories are focused on talented people, emerging and established designers.


The talk was inspirational in that it showed how design companies want to hear from young designers and see what they have to offer. Creative Review cover a large amount of the graduate shows looking for the up and coming and giving them a platform from which they can launch their career, it showed that their was a willingness from others to help like-minded people.


The talk also gave advice on how to approach design agencies when looking for work and how having a portfolio that shows the kind of work that you are passionate about will help.